Slime mold divination available at Magus books in Dinkytown Minneapolis!

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Hello Space Friends,

Yes, that’s right! Slime mold divination is available at Magus Books! You must have some. Now I am waving my hand across your face hypnotically. It moves and while it moves it answers your intimate non-yes-or-no questions about love, work, and life! No batteries required.


Slime divination kits are available as holiday gifts through PayPal and Eggplant Urban Farm and Garden Supply: Order Now Before You Change Your Mind!

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made especially for all your favorite nerdly mystical, unflappingly geekish, and unquenchably curious

people in your life.

During these strange and difficult times, seeking wisdom and guidance from social amobae may be more effective than calling your local legislator...and cheaper than therapy.


For pickup at Eggplant Urban Farm Supply

Slime Divination kits will be available for pickup at Eggplant Urban Farm Supply  on Friday, December 23 and Saturday December 24 AND at Eggplant Urban Farm Supply on Friday, December 30 and Saturday, December 31. Click here for the location of Eggplant Urban Farm Supply.

  • Buy one (1) Slime Divination kit for $9
  • Buy three (3) Slime Divination kits for $24 (discount only at Eggplant Urban Farm Supply!)

To reserve your kits, email

For Delivery (through PayPal) by U.S. Postal Service

Slime Divination kits are also available by shipping. Reserve your kit to be delivered by mail by ordering through PayPal.

All orders for kits must be received by Monday, December 19 by 10 p.m. Shipments will be mailed on Tuesday, December 20 and expected delivery will be either Friday, December 23 or Saturday December 24. Note: There is a possibility that shipments may not reach their destination until Monday, December 26.

    • One kit for $8.93 plus ~$2 shipping, tax, and handling = $11

      STEP 1: Every successful slime divination session begins with placing infested oats in the center of the petri dish over the Cosmic Eyeball.

For more information, contact Green Noise


Slime Divination takes America by storm…

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Greetings Self Knowledge Seeker,

Slime Divination kits are now available for secure online purchase through PayPal. These unique kits are intended to tell you a little something about yourself and/or your situation presently and in the future…using the power of slime guided by a “compass” of symbols representing various Earthly elements and natural forces.

This particular form of divination has never been offered before until now. Ask nicely and see what the Slime desires to show you.

Happy Divining!

The Makers of Slime Divination
Minneapolis, Minnesota

You never know what slime streaming towards an oat flake might tell you about the meaning and purpose of your life.